Live Rajasthan Legends match today

Rajasthan Legends: At this time there is no cricket match being televised. You can check the history of previous televised matches

Friday, 01-03-2024
05:30 Rajasthan Legends Mumbai Champions
Thursday, 29-02-2024
  • Indian Veteran Premier League
Rajasthan Legends Red Carpet Delhi
  • Eurosport
Wednesday, 28-02-2024
  • Indian Veteran Premier League
Rajasthan Legends Chhattisgarh Warriors
  • Eurosport
Saturday, 24-02-2024
  • Indian Veteran Premier League
VVIP Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan Legends
  • Eurosport
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As of today, 22-05-2024, and since this website started collecting statistical data on when and where Cricket matches of the Rajasthan Legends team are televised in India (Cricket), which was on 24-02-2024, we can provide the following information:

There have been 4 televised matches in 1 different competitions. 0 matches have been broadcast on free-to-air TV and 4 on pay-TV.

They have been broadcast on 1 different channels. We detail the names of the TV channels that have broadcast the matches most frequently: Eurosport (4).

Additionally, during the specified period, the teams against which the Rajasthan Legends team has faced the most, and have also been televised, are as follows: VVIP Uttar Pradesh (1), Chhattisgarh Warriors (1), Red Carpet Delhi (1), Mumbai Champions (1).

At this time, there are no live Rajasthan Legends televised cricket matches but we display a history in the TV guide of the last Rajasthan Legends matches that were broadcasted.

We will update this Rajasthan Legends guide on TV when they confirm the next live matches from official media.

Since the beginning of this website, 4 live televised matches of Rajasthan Legends have been published.

The first published match was on 24 February 2024 between VVIP Uttar Pradesh - Rajasthan Legends.

The channel with the most most live televised Rajasthan Legends matches is Eurosport with a total of 4 matches.

And it is the Indian Veteran Premier League competition in which Rajasthan Legends has been televised the most times with a total of 4 games.